“Food Bank of Central New York is very appreciative of the long partnership we have enjoyed with the Venison Donation Coalition. Each year we are able to connect several thousand pounds of lean, nutritious protein to food insecure families and individuals in our eleven county service area. The network and process developed by the VDC offers an efficient option for hunters that wish to share in the bounty of the state‚Äôs white tail herd management. The majority of hunters in our mostly rural service area consume their own harvest, but given a year where surplus exists take advantage of the option to donate. A tremendous increase has been enjoyed for the past few years due to community culling programs coordinated by NYSDEC that connect thousands more pounds of venison to Food Bank of Central New York while improving the safety of our roadways, reducing residential grazing damage, and preventing loss of animals due to vehicle impact and chronic wasting disease. We are very fortunate to be part of the herd management harvest made possible via the Venison Donation Coalition.”

Kathleen Stress

Food Bank of Central New York